For Honor crossplay guide – Supported modes, matchmaking, opting out

Definitely don’t opt out.

For Honor guide

Image via Ubisoft

In line with Ubisoft’s stated commitment to crossplay across their catalog, For Honor received crossplay support in the March 17 update. For Honor players on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation will now face each other in shared lobbies, enjoying a healthier and faster matchmaking queue. With this quick guide, we’ll share everything you need to know about crossplay in For Honor.

Supported modes and opting out

Crossplay is automatically enabled when matchmaking in all For Honor game modes except Arcade, Ranked, campaign missions, and custom matches. If for some reason you don’t want to matchmake with and against players on other platforms, you can disable crossplay by navigating to Settings and then Online, and then ticking off the Crossplay box. As the tooltip in the Online menu states, it will take longer to find matches in For Honor if you opt out of crossplay.

Communication and inviting friends

For Honor’s crossplay functionality is not fully finished at this point, and currently, you cannot invite friends into your lobby if they play on a different platform. Voice chat is also disabled in crossplay lobbies. Both features will be enabled when the second phase of the crossplay rollout lands. Phase 2 is currently in development, and there is no release date for it yet. Notably, after Phase 2 crossplay will also be enabled in custom For Honor matches.