Fortnite Chapter 2 – How to Swim Faster


There are a bunch of new changes in Fortnite‘s latest update called Chapter 2. There’s a brand new map, new boats to ride, costumes, a new battle pass, and so much more. Players are going to need to explore the map when they first jump into the game to learn about the new areas of the game, checking out landmarks and other notable locations. Another mechanic in the game is swimming, and players can do it faster than pressing shift.

How to Swim Faster in Fortnite Chapter 2

When you jump into the water, players are naturally going to start swimming. There’s no particular skill available. Thankfully, Epic Games kept this process straightforward.

However, they did not elaborate on how players can swim faster by doing a simple thing when they’re swimming: they can jump. When a player jumps in the water, they’re going to burst up from the surface and then dive down. You need to be hitting your respective “sprint” button before the jump. Your character needs to be in the swimming animation.

When they’re diving down during this jump, the player receives a quick burst of speed and surges forward. This burst only lasts for two seconds. When it’s over, players are going to need to hit their preferred gaming platform’s jump button to do it again.

There’s no charge or cooldown timer. But, to get the burst of speeds to line up, players will want to wait two seconds before jumping again. Getting the timing correct while swimming means players do not need to rely being on land to get from places quickly, and they don’t have to feel too vulnerable if they get caught in the water. Previously, it was easy to get stuck on one side of the river and needing to cross it without enough materials to build a bridge. The new swimming mechanic makes things easy.

Jump into the water in Fortnite‘s Chapter 2 update and give it a try.