How to Upgrade Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2


Fortnite Chapter 2 has arrived, and with it, players are getting the chance to go through an array of new challenges. These challenges are all about seeing the new map, checking out the area, and letting everyone explore to their heart’s content. There’s plenty of new additions, such as new boats, buildings, and mechanics – brand new mechanic players are struggling with is how upgrading their weapons. Here’s how you go about upgrading and making a better gun in Fortnite.

How to Upgrade Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2

Upgrading a weapon in the game is relatively straightforward. The system makes it a lot easier for players to use the materials they collect during the game on their weaker weapons, rather than purely building at the end. This way, players who discover a grey or a green weapon have the chance to improve to a green and a blue one, respectively.

Upgrade Weapon Bench

What’s more, players cannot do it on the spot. They’re going to need to locate an upgrade bench. An upgrade bench is going to have a series of tools above it, a small light when it’s dark out, and other tools on its top. When players approach it, they can click on it and change the rarity of their weapon. The way to do this effectively, though, is players need to go through and start collecting materials. Each weapon upgrade variety is going to ask for more materials.

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For example, if a player wants to improve a weapon from a grey to a green rarity is going to require 50 wood, 50 brick, and 50 steel. Without these, players cannot make it happen, and the upgrade can’t go into effect. It’s going to stack up, too. If players want to go from a green to a blue, they’re going to need 150 wood, 150 brick, and 150 steel. You can expect higher numbers every time.

Players are going to want to continually pick up as many materials as they can if they’re not getting the best weapon drops in the game. Epic Games may have found a way to get around the random luck some players have over others if everyone can get access to a great weapon, they only need to keep deconstructing parts of the world and collecting materials.

Good luck out there, Fortnite players, and enjoy Chapter 2.