Fortnite Chapter 2 – How To Reboot a Teammate


Fortnite is coming out with a brand new series of mechanics for its Chapter 2 update. Players are going to get the chance to fish while they’re in the game, upgrade their weapons, and check out a brand new map. For those who enjoy playing with your friends, you’re going to get the chance to reboot your allies and bring them back to life. Here’s how you do it.

How to Reboot in Fortnite Chapter 2

You can only reboot an ally when they’ve entirely gone down and have died. You’ll know your ally is down when they’re gone from the map, and you see a power icon on your minimap in the upper right section of your screen. This icon is showing you where they got downed, and where they left a reboot card for you to grab. You need to go to this location to pick it up. However, you only have 90 seconds to do so. After that, you’re going to be unable to spawn them back into the game, and the person who went down is going to be forced to spectate. They’ll have to wait for their ally to win or die somewhere on the map.

Processing a Reboot Card

To properly revive your ally, you need to locate one of the reboot vans found throughout the game. You’re going to notice these blue and white vans by the large power icon shown on the side.

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Approach the van and process the reboot card. This process takes quite a bit of time to complete, so make sure there’s no one around you. If you’re pressed for time to revive your teammate, go straight to it, crouch, and hope you don’t get spotted. You might be able to have your allies cover you, if you have anyone else in your party.

After you finish processing the reboot card, the downed player spawns on top of the van with their pick-ax and a pistol. They won’t start off with much, but it’s better than nothing, and the two of you can continue to look around for any other items. You might even be kind enough to lend them a shotgun or a rifle you’re not using.

Make sure to pick up the reboot card when your allies go down. You don’t have to leave them behind anymore in Fortnite‘s Chapter 2 update.