All Season 1 Week 7 Trick Shot Challenges In Fortnite Chapter 2


Fortnite Chapter 2 has entered Week 7 of Season 1, which means fresh challenges to help us earn XP for our Battle Pass. This week provides a good mix of visiting map locations, shooting people, and generally playing the game.

Season 1 Week 7 Trick Shot Challenges

Most of these are relatively obvious, but anything that proves to be a little awkward will have a guide. It’s mostly the typical challenges we have had over the last number of weeks. Eliminations with 50 health or less are the things you will need to complete because they are hard to set up that kind of situation.

A new hidden letter has arrived, so that will bring you one step close to that final Alter Ego challenge for the secret skin. The challenges lately have been a little plain, and this week is no different. You should have no problems at all getting these finished quickly and getting some more levels on your Battle Pass.