Found Dog! achievement/trophy guide in Life is Strange: True Colors

Chrissy is a very good girl who just went for a walk on her own.

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While the Life is Strange series usually does not have much in the way of achievements or trophies outside of completing the story and finding collectibles, True Colors is changing that approach slightly. The focus is still on those areas, but you can come across a couple of random achievements while you are exploring. Here is how to get one of those, called Found Dog!

The Found Dog! achievement or trophy in Life is Strange: True Colors can be completed in chapter two, Lanterns. If you have already played through the chapter, go to Chapter Select and choose the scene Tracking Down Mac.

In this portion of the level, you walk around the main street area of the town and can visit people in various shops. For this achievement, make your way to Steph’s record shop.

For story reasons, you would normally come here to talk to Steph about a way to cheer up Ethan. For this achievement, walk into the shop and immediately look at the board to the right when you enter. Alex will comment on a dog that has been found.

Look around the store, and you will see a man in a hoodie. Walk over to him and use your powers to see that he is sad. Empathize with him, and you will find out he is that dog’s owner. Talk to him to tell him his dog has been found, and he will call the people who found his dog. After the conversation ends, you will get an easy achievement or trophy.

Screenshot by Gamepur