Garena Free Fire network connection error, explained

Here are a few wasy to fix the Network Connection Error easily.

Image via Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game with over 100 million downloads worldwide, and if you play, sometimes you’ll encounter an issue that says “network connection error” while logging into the game. This usually means that your device is unable to connect to the in-game servers, but there are several possible reasons for this error to pop-up. We’ve rounded up a list of reasons that might cause this error to occur and how to possibly solve them.

Poor internet connection

Since Free Fire is an online game, having a good internet connection is a must. Make sure that your internet is working properly if you are encountering the network connection error. If it is not working fine, then reconnect to the internet after switching off the mobile data or WiFi router.

Maintenance break

Whenever Free Fire releases a new update, the servers are taken down for maintenance for a few hours, and nobody is able to enter the game until the maintenance break is over. Whenever you try to login during this time, you will see the network connection error. So, wait for the maintenance break to get over, and you will be able to play the game without any issues.

Server issues

Maintaining the online servers is not an easy task, so sometimes the in-game servers crash due to some technical issues, meaning no one is able to enter the game until the technical team fixes the problem.

Incorrect date and time

Ensure that you have adjusted the date and time correctly according to the server you are trying to connect from your device. If the time is incorrect, go to Settings > Date & Time, and you can correct it manually or automatically.