How to Increase Your Friendship Level in Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends is the newest mobile card battling game from Bandai Namco. Launched on June 1, Dragon Ball Legends shot up to number one on the free-to-play charts for mobile titles.

Real-time, player-vs.-player combat is at the forefront of gameplay. Players swipe and tap cards that appear in the Dragon Ball Legends deck to control attacks, defensive moves, and special abilities. Dragon Ball Legends has both a single-player campaign and a multiplayer mode. The single-player mode puts players in charge of a new Saiyan character, Shallot.

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Shallot can learn other characters’ moves by upping his friendship level with each of those characters. Want Shallot to learn the Super Kamehameha attack? Up Shallot’s friendship level with Super Saiyan Goku.

What’s a friendship level?

Shallot doesn’t actually have a friendship level, but all other characters do. The friendship level is the meter that tracks friendship with characters throughout the campaign. Upping the friendship level for characters unlocks new abilities and moves for Shallot. Friendship points are what increases the friendship level.

What are friendship points and how do I get them?

Friendship points for respective characters can be earned by fighting with those characters. in the story mode. They are earned from winning or losing, but not from skip tickets. Each story mission with a certain character gives out friendship points. Keep playing with a character to max out their level. Once it’s maxed out, the new ability or item will be unlocked.

How do I get the move?

Once your friendship level is maxed out, you’ll find a “Can Teach” tab over the move available in a character’s “Arts” tab.