The funniest Yu-Gi-Oh! cards

You won’t beat your opponent, but you might make them laugh.

Image via Bandai.

Yu-Gi-Oh! has its fair share of cards with absurd titles and funky effects. Unsurprisingly, most of the comedic cards don’t perform very well in normal matches. But, if you’re a fan of puns, absurd names, or crazy artwork, these cards are definitely worth collecting. Below is a list of the funniest cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.


One of the most card absurd card names in Yu-Gi-Oh!, Anteatereatingant is confusingly a Giant Anteater-Eating Ant. This card allows you to destroy one Spell or Trap card your opponent controls. Although the effect is terrible compared to other similar cost cards, its crazy name makes it a card worth collecting.

Box of Friends

This Monster card name is a bit funnier than the Japanese translation of “Toy Box.” When a card is destroyed, you can summon two Normal Monsters from your deck. And Princess Cologne allows you to Special Summon a Box of Friends, flooding the board with monsters.

Doom Donuts

In a world where donuts fight back, Doom Donuts destroy all face-up monsters on the field with an original ATK or DEF of zero. It’s a decent card, but it’s nowhere near consistent enough to be played in most decks. However, its artwork makes it a unique collectible.

Ghost Beef

As the Ghost of Christmas Dinner, Ghost Beef is a piece of meat reincarnated. It’s a Beast with a Pendulum Scale of four. It’s not a great card, which means you can pick one up at a low price.

Great Long Nose

Technically, it’s a card depicting the Tengu, the long-nosed creature from Japanese folklore, but its English translation adapts it for Western audiences. Translators opted for the simpler title of Great Long Nose. Use this card to catch your opponent off-guard and forcefully skip their battle stage.

House of Adhesive Tape

House of Adhesive Tape sounds like the title of a medieval German fairy tale. And the image that accompanies the title is just as ridiculous. Because of the abundance of superior Trap Cards in circulation, House of Adhesive Tape sees very little play, but how can you not love the absurdity of it.

Jerry Beans Man

Jerry Beans Man is a cute little bean soldier that believes he’s the strongest in the world. He would later appear in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX episode 115: Trapper Keeper, Part 1. He’s a plant with a decent ATK rating of 1750, but he’s never been good enough to be played competitively. He’s a living meme, however, as every Yu-Gi-Oh! player dreams of a day Jerry Beans Man is competitively viable.


The Japanese translation for this card is Mistaken Bombing, but Oops! is a much more entertaining title. With this card, you can target one card and control and destroy it. It doesn’t seem useful — and it usually isn’t — but sometimes it can be used to trip up your opponent.

Santa Claws

A Light Monster, Santa Claws can be special summoned to your opponent’s side and draws you a card. Although summoning a card to your opponent’s side sounds awful, being able to draw a card makes up for it. It’s a festive card that gets you in the mood for Christmas, albeit a Christmas where a demon delivers the children their presents.

Toadally Awesome

Arguably the best card on this list, Toadally Awesome can summon frog monsters from your deck. It combos nicely with all frog decks, and surprisingly frog decks are much better than they sound. If you are a fan of puns and have a bunch of frogs in your deck, pick this card up.