Gears 5 Error Code 0x8b050033


A troublesome error code is cropping up for Gears 5 on the Xbox One. The code is tied to the game looking it needs an update to launch the game, but players are unable to get the update working correctly to execute the process. Here’s what we know about the code.

Error Code 0x8b050033 for Gears 5 on the Xbox One

The error code is telling the Xbox One that the game requires the update. When it scans for the particular update, the Xbox One is not reading one, preventing the game from launching. A player could try to restart their files, for those who downloaded Gears 5 to their harddrive. If someone is using the physical disc to play the game, it may provide a much more difficult fix, and the developers, The Coalition, are likely going to need to step in to fix the error.

At this time, there’s no sure-fire method to realign the code and fix it. The error code began popping up this morning for players, telling them they did not have an official update installed on their devices. Those who are curious may try to look through their launcher tray to find an update that hasn’t gone in the queue yet. But don’t waste your time because there’s nothing there.

We do not recommend anyone attempts uninstalling their game and then reinstalling it. Some players have commented on several forums where they’re discussing the error code as a possible fix, but no one has confirmed that this rids them of the code. Given The Coalition’s history of answering error problems and issues with Gears 5, there’s a good chance a fix is going to pop up sometime this afternoon. At the very least, we’re going to hear an update from the team about the issue to see what they know what is causing the problem.

The best thing all players who are experiencing this error can do is reach out to the Gears 5 through their support page and let them know of the issue. The more voices talking about it, the faster the development team can learn about it and come up with a solution. Make sure to leave as much information as possible on the page.

We’ll send out updates once we learn more from The Coalition and if people continue to find solutions. Because it’s mostly Xbox One users, someone on The Coalition side may have hit the update switch for Gears 5 too early, meaning the game requires the upcoming update that’s supposed to drop today, but it hasn’t.