How to Level XP Fast in Gears 5 Multiplayer


Gears 5 multiplayer doesn’t mess around, and there’s plenty to do when you complete the game’s main campaign. You have three different multiplayer modes to choose from, and you’re going to get more content every three months with the Operations. By completing Operations, you’re going to gain access to more cosmetic items to make you stand out when you’re online, playing with friends or other competitors. Beyond how much time you attempt to complete the Operations medals, your also going to level up your profile.

How to Level XP Fast in Gears 5 Multiplayer

Play With Friends

Grouping up with friends in the Horde or Escape mode is a great way to rack up experience points. They’re going to stand out more than a random player you pick up when you create a match. Your friends are likely going to have more communication than others you meet, and they’re going to want to listen to your ideas. Not everyone you engage with online is going to agree with your choices, so it makes working together with them a little more complicated.

When you’re with friends, you can coordinate how you’re going to fight waves of enemies or choose the best route when leaving the nest. There are mechanics in these two particular modes that encourage players doing specific roles. When everyone does the same thing, you don’t optimize as much as you should.

Find Your Difficulty

There are eight different difficulty ranges in the Horde and Escape mode. You’re going to find yourself getting even more experience points when you ramp up the difficulty counter of each of them. Doing so makes every encounter in the game immensely harder as these difficulty levels introduce enhanced mechanics, from receiving more damage to enemies have more health. You want to experiment with these levels to see what fits your synergy and how good you are at the game.

You may want to adjust it further on as you begin to acquire additional cards for your characters. These cards are going to enhance their abilities and passives. For example, Emile gets the Bloody Knife ability, ensuring that whenever he uses his basic melee attack against an enemy, they’re going to start bleeding. It makes it easier for him to take out enemies, as they’re slowly taking damage after he stabs them. Every character is going to get unique traits, and as they level up, these traits are going to make them significantly stronger.

Play When Friends are Online

When you have friends who are online on Xbox Live or the Microsoft Store, you’re going to receive a plus two passive to experience gain for every friend. It’s not going to be the largest wave to have you leaping forward in levels, but it’s a small thing you can have in your back pocket. The more friends you have on your list, the more bonus experience points you’re going to get. If you play with any random players, feel free to send them a friend request. They may not accept it, but if they do, you know they’re likely to play Gears 5 for a while, and that’s some decent experience points in your favor.

Level up All Characters

This method is a bit more grinding based. You want to work on every character, a little bit at the time. You want to do this not only because some random people in a match grab your favorite character, forcing you to grab another, but it makes all them stronger. The skill cards you receive at the end of a match are going to make your online Gears 5 characters powerful, giving you access to higher-level Horde and Escape missions. The more variety you have, the more you can adapt to whomever you play with because you can’t always play with your friends.

Get Boosts

The basic, most straightforward to grind levels in Gears 5 multiplayer is grabbing a boost from the game’s storefront. You have three options available:

  • 1 Day Boost – 250 Iron
  • 7 Day Boost – 600 Iron
  • 30 Day Boost – 1,200 Iron

If you only plan to have one, solid day of playing the game, a single boost is going to increase your experience points at the end of every match. For those with more time on your hands, you want the 7 or 30-day boost, depending on your availability and dedication. The 30-day boost would be a great thing to pop right during December.

Those who plan to boost do need to purchase the amount from the store using real money. If you plan to stick to the smaller options, you can get 1,000 Iron for $9.99. However, if you want a massive boost while you’re playing, then you’re going to need to purchase the 2,000 + 250 Bonus Iron option, for $19.99.