Gears 5: Local and Online Co-Op Multiplayer Guide


Gears 5 gives Xbox One and PC players the ability to play with one another online. Not only that but the game’s developers, The Coalition, have gone above and beyond to give invested players the opportunity to engage online Co-Op and local Co-Op matches. While they don’t explain it too well, the developers have done a great job of making it feel like an old mid-2000’s video game you could pick up from the store, invite your friends over, and have a fun time without needing more than a single console. Here’s how the local and online Co-Op multiplayer modes work in Gears 5.

Local and Online Co-Op Multiplayer Guide for Gears 5

The Campaign

Gears 5 takes a unique approach to the game. Instead of having a four-player Co-Op system, they rely on three players. At any time during the game’s campaign, you can have at least three players going through the campaign together. You can do this both local or through the online multiplayer. One player has to assume the role as the main character starring in the chapter, whereas two others have to pick from the two supporting characters. The first player does not have the be the main character. Everyone can switch around, as long as one person is the main character, even if you only have two players going through the game.

Horde Mode

For Horde mode, you can have split-screen in the game. You can have three people playing from a single Xbox One. However, if you want this to work with other players online, you need to handle things a little bit differently. When playing Horde mode split-screen, you need to be the ones to host the game or have other friends join up on your match. For whatever reason, joining as a split-screen Horde part is a little tricky. But it does work, as long as you do it this way.

When you’re playing this mode online, you can have up to four other people join your party to create a complete Horde party. In Horde mode, you can have five members total to create a whole party. While you can have a random player join you, or you can join an entirely random party, you might have a bit more fun.

Escape Mode

The brand new multiplayer mode in Gears 5 features three different players attempting to escape a Swarm hive. These characters were intentionally captured by the enemy, aiming to place a bomb at the core of the nest, destroying it as they made their escape. There’s plenty of tension in this game mode as players solely start with a pistol and have to run out the nest before the bomb goes off.

For those who want to jump in with their friends in a local game, you can have all three characters played by someone, as long as you have the controller. The three of you can try out all eight different difficulty levels, attempting to see how fast you get out or see how hard you can make it before you have to tap out.

When you jump online, you can play the game with two other online players, or with a single online person with a two-player split-screen game. To do this, those who are on the split-screen are likely going to need to host it or have a random player join your game when you’re searching for other players.

Versus Mode

Unfortunately, you will not be able to play with your friends during this mode. It’s a strict five-vs-five mode, with a bit more competitive scene. While it may seem like a bad thing, there are so many other options for players to do online with their friends. Some Gears 5 players may not even think about it.