Gears 5: Operation 1 Medals and Rewards


Gears 5 is here, and everyone is amped to get involved in the multiplayer content of the game. The developers, The Coalition, are eager to fans plenty of material for the duration of the game’s lifetime. A mechanic they’re introducing to the franchise is called Operations. These Operations are objectives players are going to need to complete to acquire new character and weapon skins, exclusive emotes, and plenty of other cosmetic items. Operations last three months, with the operation refreshing introducing new content to the game. Here’s the list for the first series of medals and rewards for the game.

Gears 5 Operation 1 – Medals and Rewards

There are nine different categories of Operation quests players need to work through in the multiplayer mode. These categories determine what a player needs to do, and it tells them if they need to complete them in a specific multiplayer mode or if it covers everything they play while they’re online. Each category comes with a different cosmetic reward.

Basics – Winter Armor Kait

  • Team Medic: Revive 70 teammates
  • Executioner: Perform 150 executions
  • Finish them: Kill 9,000 enemies
  • Marksman: Get 1,000 headshot kills
  • Body count: Get 15,000 eliminations
  • Carnage: Do 15,000,000 damage

Weapons – Battleworn Gnasher

  • Lancer GL body count: Get 100 kills with the Lancer GL
  • Talon Body Count: Get 300 kills with the Talon Auto pistol
  • Claw Body Count: Get 100 kills with the Claw LMG
  • Cryo Cannon Body Count: Get 100 kills with the Cyro Cannon
  • Breaker Body Count: Get 100 kills with the Breaker Mace
  • Frag Body Count: Kill 250 enemies with the Frag Grenades

Enemies – Swarm Hunter

  • Juvie Hunter: Kill 2,500 Juvies in Horde or Escape
  • Drone Hunter: Kill 2,000 Drones in Horde or Escape
  • Scion Hunter: Kill 100 Scions in Horde or Escape
  • Boss Hunter: Eliminate 30 bosses in Horde or Escape
  • Creature Hunter: Kill 5,000 enemies in Horde or Escape

Escape – Finger Point Expression

  • Escape Challenge: Escape Challenge Hives 50 times
  • Past Hive Veteran: Escape 50 Pest Hives
  • Escape Body Count: Get 3,000 kills in Escape
  • Escape Attempts: Survive 15 Acts of Escape
  • Hive Master I: Master all Challenge Hives in Operation 1
  • Past Master I: Master a Past Hive 5 Times in Operation 1

Hivebusters – Knee Face Execution

  • Veteran Hivebusters: Escape 15 Hives each with Mac, Keegan, and Lahni
  • Lahni the Executioner: Perform 75 executions in Escape as Lahni
  • Keegan the Eliminator: Get 1,000 Eliminations in Escape as Keegan
  • Mac Veteran: Get 250 Headshot kills in Escape as Mac
  • Scorpio Body Count: Get 3,000 Eliminations in Escape as Mac, Keegan, or Lahni

Horde – Desert Armor JD

  • Horde Veteran: Complete 5 Horde matches
  • Wave Survivor: Survive 250 Waves of Horde
  • Horde Carnage: Do 10,000,000 damage in Horde
  • Power Hoarder: Collect 1,000,000 Power in Horde
  • Horde Body Count: Get 5,000 Kills in Horde

Heroes – Desert Armor Del

  • Veteran Team: Complete a Horde Match as each Horde character
  • Unstoppable Force: Get 500 headshot kills in Horde as Marcus
  • Kait’s Revenge: Execute 150 enemies in Horde as Kait
  • Del the Builder: Build 300 fortifications as Del
  • Here to Help: Get 100 assists as Jack
  • Officer Trainer: Kill 500 enemies in Horde with the Lancer GL Grenade as JD

Versus – Drone: Get Hype Expression

  • COG Victories: Win 25 versus matches as COG
  • Swarm Victories: Win 25 versus matches as Swarm
  • Competitive Co-Op: Win 10 matches in Co-Op Vs. AI
  • Season Slaughter: Get 2,500 eliminations in Versus
  • Versus Body Count: Kill 1,000 enemies in Versus
  • Versus Carnage: Do 1,000,000 damage in Versus matches

Ranked – In Your Face Expression

  • Diversified: Win a Versus match in every Ranked mode
  • Arcade Veteran: Win 15 arcade matches
  • King of the Hill Veteran: Win 10 King of the Hill matches
  • Deathmatch Veteran: Win 10 Team Deathmatch matches
  • Escalation Veteran: Win 10 Escalation matches
  • Guardian Veteran: Win 10 Guardian matches