Gears 5: All Unlockable Characters


Gears 5 is pulling out all of the stops to give you iconic, exciting characters to play while you’re in the game’s multiplayer mode. Many of them are going to be available in character packs. As of right now, there are five different characters available in the game that players have to chance to unlock. Here’s who they are, and how you go about acquiring them to your COG team.

All Unlockable Characters in Gears 5

Sarah Connor and T-800 from Terminator

With the release of the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate movie releasing on Nov. 1, these two iconic characters, Sarah Connor and T-800 Exoskeleton, are going to be in the game. Connor may look old, but she may as well represent the perfect female stand-in for Marcus, given her skill and talent. The same goes for the T-800 Exoskeleton being on the Swarm side in the multiplayer mode.

These two characters are available in the Dark Fate pack, which everyone can get if they pre-order the standard game of Gears 5 before it releases.

Kat and Emile from Halo: Reach

To get everyone excited about Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Gears 5 is going to have the iconic Spartans from Noble squad beating back the Swarm with the skills they picked up from fighting off the Covenant. These two Spartans may as well have COG written on their chest, because they’re both as tough as nails, and ready for a good fight. Players have the chance to use both of them in the game’s Horde, Versus, and Escape multiplayer modes.

To grab these two, you’re going to need the Halo Reach Character Pack. As of right now, you can only get this pack if you pre-ordered the Gears 5 Ultimate Edition, or you subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate edition before the game released.

Dave Bautista the WWE Superstar and Actor

The latest character to get announced that is coming to Gears 5 is iconic actor Dave Bautista, and WWE superstar. He was revealed in the last week or so before the game’s release. So far, we haven’t seen Bautista in action in any gameplay videos. However, we do see him sporting an original version of the COG armor in a quick cameo when the announcement came out. Given his history of wanting to play Marcus Fenix in the potential Gears of War movie, it makes sense to add him.

Right now, Bautista is not in the game. But he’s on his way. Starting on Sept. 15, players are going to get the chance to access him merely by logging into the game and playing it. When they do, Bautista should unlock for the multiplayer mode. However, while he is available for everyone who plays, he’s only going to be there for a short time. All players have until Oct. 28. You’re going to need to act early if you want to add Bautista to your squad.

As of right now, these are all of the unlockable characters available in the game. We do not know if the Noble Squad or Dark Fate Character Packs are going to open up in the Gears 5 store. They more than likely will be following the game’s initial release, and they’re going to be worth a decent amount of cash.