Gears 5: How to Wall Bounce


For those who frequent Gears of War’s online mode, you’re going to find yourself familiar with the term wall bouncing. It’s a technique where the player slides between cover to cover and use it as a mobile way to traverse the map, making themselves difficult to hit. Getting the proper controls down takes a bit of time, but when its mastered, players are going to find themselves staying alive much longer when fighting against online players. Here’s how you do it in Gears 5.

How To Wall Bounce in Gears 5

There are critical reasons you’re going to find yourself wall bouncing in Gears 5. The main reason is you’re getting shot at, and you want to make sure your opponent is going to have a hard time nailing you down on their reticle. The second reason is you need to close the distance between you and the person shooting you, especially if you a close-quarters weapon.

To do this, you need to slide into your chosen piece of cover. However, don’t get too comfortable because you’re about to move again. As soon as you’re about to land into the cover, you need to cancel it by moving your character away from the cover by backing up or going to the left or right. On a keyboard, you’re going to do this by hitting the “W” key, or “A” and “D,” keys, respectively. Controllers are going to need to use the left joystick to move away.

While you’re canceling the cover movement, you need to move your character’s perspective towards the next piece of cover. For those on the PC, you’re going to move the mouse to that piece of cover. If you’re using a controller, this is going to be the right joystick. You’re going to cancel the cover maneuver, and you’re going to move your character’s perspective towards your next chosen piece of cover at the same time. With your cover maneuver successfully canceled and you’re now facing a different destination, you want to slide into that piece of cover, and do the process all over again.

Here’s a quick recap of what you need to do.

  • Slide into cover
  • Cancel the cover slide, and then face the next piece of cover
  • Slide to your next cover destination, and repeat the process

Doing both takes a great deal of practice, so you might want to try it out on Horde mode before jumping into an online match and trying it on player opponents. However, mastering this technique is going to have you baffling other players while you’re jumping from side to side, avoiding their shots and you’re now getting closer.

Good luck in Gears 5.