Gears 5: Who to Save


Gears 5 developers, The Coalition, are taking a different approach to their third-person shooter. Instead of making it a straightforward adventure, they’re adding the element of RPG skills, passives, and even decisions. During the Gears 5 campaign, you’re going to need to choose to save one person over another. For those who do not wish to have any spoilers for the end of the game, you want to avoid reading further. However, if you’ve already made your decision and want to see what the different choices are, continue reading to learn more.

Who to Save in Gears 5

Once again, anything beyond this point is a spoiler. Continue reading at your own risk.

The Two Choices

At the end of the game, you’re going to have to choose JD or Del. Other significant in the game are going to have reactions for the deaths. Here’s what happens when you make your choice.

Saving Del

If you choose to save Del, JD’s neck is going to get snapped. He falls to the ground and disappears, but not before Del can grab his dog tags. Shortly after, Marcus is going to ask where JD is, where Kait reacts by handing the reluctant and emotionally broken Marcus his dog tags. Marcus has an emotional moment as he accepts the truth, growing cold and quiet. When Felix Fahz arrives, he’s going to ask where JD is, and everyone’s silent answer was all he needed to hear. When Marcus gets in the car, he becomes distant and aggressive, hinting at emotional responses he’s going to have in the next game.

Saving JD

If you choose the save JD, the same thing is going to happen to Del in what would have happened to JD. Before Del’s body falls to the abyss, JD is going to grab his dog tags. When Marcus asks where Del is, JD is going to turn away from the group while Kait hands Marcus Del’s dog tags. Marcus goes over to consult JD, who is at first hostile but opens up to his father shortly after. The two hug, hinting at during the next game JD might grow a bit colder. However, he’s going to have his father around to assist him in processing it. When Felix arrives this time, he’s going to make a comment towards Del and ask where his buddy is. The other characters are going to remain silent, whereas Marcus shakes his head. Felix looks brokenhearted and returns to the driver’s seat.

Future Games

These two choices could have critical decisions in the next game. Because this is the first time an RPG choice has come to the Gears of War games, we’re not quite sure what the effects are going to have in the next series. Given the character’s initial reactions upon Marcus receiving the dog tags of whoever gets killed provides small hints to how things are going to pan out as the series progresses. There’s no clear correct decision to make between the two options.