Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How to Earn Battle Rewards


Ghost Recon Breakpoint is here. You can start playing it right now from your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or your PC. The game is full of things to do, and it’s an excellent game to jump in with your friends and start getting things done. Among the many things you can do is take part in faction missions and level up your battle rewards tier.

Earning Battle Rewards in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

To access your battle rewards, and to see how far you are, open up the main Objectives Board icon on your main menu. You’re going to find it at the top, and it’s going to have the symbol of a bullseye. You have four different icons on this screen, and the main one we’re concerned about this guide is the one on the right side, next to the faction missions.

Click on this screen, and you’re going to see the missions available to you. Doing these missions or gaining faction rewards is going to earn you faction points. These points are going to increase, giving you access to new items. Some of them are cosmetic items, and others are useful blueprints you can use to make new weapons. How do you level up these missions? Speak to Mads Schulz, and he’ll have a handful available to you. You can also speak to other NPCs in the game to gain tasks. They’re the green missions on your map, and completing these gives you more points.

Here are the rewards for completing these missions:

  • Tier 1: Sentinel Glasses
  • Tier 2: Black Paint C
  • Tier 3: G28 Scout | Wolves (Sniper)
  • Tier 4: Battle Supplies
  • Tier 5: USAF Digital Tiger Gear Paint
  • Tier 6: Battle Supplies
  • Tier 7: Trial EX | Zebra Motorcycle
  • Tier 8: Serrated Edges | Wolves (Knife)
  • Tier: 9: Battle Supplies
  • Tier 10: Tank Top
  • Tier 11: Battle Supplies
  • Tier 12: King Cobra Emblem
  • Tier 13: Battle Supplies
  • Tier 14: Tigerstripe, Weapon Paints
  • Tier 15: Camo Finger Paint 5
  • Tier 16: Battle Supplies
  • Tier 17: Nightmare | Brown (Knife)
  • Tier 18: Battle Supplies
  • Tier 19: 416 Shorty
  • Tier 20: Battle Supplies
  • Tier 21: Path Walker MK 2 | Jungle (Vehicle)
  • Tier 22: Battle Supplies
  • Tier 23: UCP-D, Gear Paint
  • Tier 24: Battle Supplies
  • Tier 25: P227 Survival Blueprint (Pistol)
  • Tier 26: Battle Supplies
  • Tier 27: Battle Supplies
  • Tier 28: Boson | Black (vehicle)
  • Tier 29: Battle Supplies
  • Tier 30: British DPM, Weapon Paints
  • Tier 31: Battle Supplies
  • Tier 32: Cyre AVS1000 Backpack
  • Tier 33: Hold This Position, Emote
  • Tier 34: Battle Supplies
  • Tier 35: AK74 Assault Blueprint (Rifle)
  • Tier 36: Battle Supplies
  • Tier 37: Battle Supplies
  • Tier 38: MK 48 Compact Blueprint
  • Tier 39: Battle Supplies
  • Tier 40: Ghost Ghillie Pants
  • Tier 41: Battle Supplies
  • Tier 42: Gold, Weapon Paint
  • Tier 43: Cut You So Bad, Emote
  • Tier 44: Battle Supplies
  • Tier 45: German 3 Color, Gear Paint
  • Tier 46: Opheis MK II | Snow, Helicopter
  • Tier 47: M4A1 Tactical Blueprint
  • Tier 48: Battle Supplies
  • Tier 49: Battle Supplies

There are more battle rewards going to release in the future. For now, these are the first series of rewards for the first act of the game. Players have 60 days to acquire them all, and there’s likely going to be a new round of them in the future.