Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How to Fight a Behemoth Tank


The name says it all. If you’re going to find yourself facing off against a behemoth tank in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you’re going to need to a little creative. These adversaries are ruthless, and you’re going to find yourself thinking twice about how to handle them whenever you encounter them in the game. No, they don’t have anyone handling their controls. These pieces of state-of-the-art technology have dozens of files stored on their hard drive, full of programs to destroy you.

How To Fight a Behemoth Tank in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

These robots are significantly stronger than your standard machine running around the island. They’re protecting the more challenging locations, and if you see one of these roaming around chances are you’re about to stumble into an area with some fierce foes. When you scan over them, you’re going to see what recommended gear level the robot is at. If you’re not close to it, you may want to move or try your luck somewhere else. These things are not going to mess around.

There are a handful of tools you can utilize to take this beast down. The first is the straightforward EMP grenade. It’s going to stun it for a few seconds, giving you time to line up a few shots against it, but it’s not going to immobilize it permanently. If you’re having trouble getting a few decent shots in on it because of its superior firepower or missiles, throw one of these at it to get a quick break.

Another item you’re going to add to your arsenal is the rocket launcher and the grenade launcher under-barrel attachment. The rocket launcher is something you’re going to acquire in a skill. If you don’t have this skill unlocked, you’re going to want to rely on using the under-barrel attachment. You’re going to have to find this by exploring the map and speaking to the locals, gathering intel.

Hitting it with these powerful tools is going to chunk away at its health, but you want to use stronger weapons. If you’re sniper, you want to use your talent’s tank piercing bullets to give your allies, or yourself, an edge. You can fire these whenever your class technique fully charges. Those who are not sharpshooters are going to want to pull out their LMGs, Assault Rifles, and if you’re feeling brave, shotguns. These weapons are going to hit the tank’s armor hard, but it’s going to take a while to destroy it.

When you’re fighting the behemoth, it’s going to fire missiles at your position at a consistent rate. You’re going to see these show up indicated by a small red circle, likely around yourself. Run out of the ring to dodge them. You don’t want to stay too exposed because the behemoth’s turrets are going to lock on to your and immediately start firing, making short work of whatever gear you’re wearing.

Overall, you want to keep a reasonable distance and utilize more of your tools and grenades than you may use in regular fights. The rocket launcher, EMP grenades, grenade launcher under-barrel, and mines are all useful. The mines may get a little tricky due to your need to get in close to plant them. If you’re feeling lucky, and have a few friends with you, then you should be fine.