What Time Does the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta End?


Have you been enjoying your time in the Ghost Recon Breakpoint open beta? It’s been going on all weekend, and those who downloaded the game had a chance to check a small portion of what the new Ghost Recon title was all about. However, it’s going to be ending soon. Due to some delays and some minor maintenance hiccups, not everyone knows when the open beta is going to go down.

When Does the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Open Beta End?

We know the official date is Sept. 29. That’s right, the final day you can play the Ghost Recon Breakpoint open beta is the Sunday at the end of the weekend. The exact timing is 7 am PST, 10 am EST, 3 pm BST, and 4 pm CEST. If you were hoping to spend most of the day on Sept. 29 playing the game, we’re sorry to disappoint you.

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Unfortunately, it happened at the beginning of Sunday for those in America, due to the issues the game had when the servers went online. Because the game is in open beta, it’s expected for players to run into a handful of issues and problems with the game. A huge challenge for players was some form of silent error could, preventing their game from launching. This issue plagued a handful of systems during the initial launch process but seemed to have mellowed out over the weekend.

Due to the issues, Ubisoft may announce they’re going to extend the beta for a few more days. Breakpoint does not release until the end of the week, on Oct. 4, across all systems. However, they may prefer to close down the servers to work out any other bugs players found when they were playing through the game. Hopefully, the small glimpse players had with the game was enough to have them commit to grabbing the title.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint officially releases on Oct. 4 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC through the uPlay store. If you haven’t already you can still pre-order the game right now to make sure you’re jumping into the game on day one.