Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How to Find More Blueprints


Much like The Division 2, players are going to find they need to discover weapon and attachment blueprints while they’re playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint. These blueprints are useful because they’re going to give players access to weapons they can crat with their quartermaster, Maria. She’s going to craft them at different values, making them stronger as the game goes on and players unlock them. Here’s the best way to find them.

How to Find Blueprints in Ghost Recon Breakpoint


The best method of discovering new weapon blueprints is learning about them in enemy locations. When you’re in the middle of an enemy base or sneaking through their buildings, you might find a phone or folder full of information. You’ll see a list of options available to you to locate a blueprint in the region, popping up on your main menu.

You can choose to head to this location, but be warned. There are plenty of enemies guarding these locations, and they are eager to take you out. You can choose to avoid them as much as possible, grabbing the blueprint and then leaving. However, it’s never that easy. You’re likely going to get into a gunfight or three trying to get it. Along the way, you’re probably going to find another folder full of information to gain access to a new blueprint or find some new gear off of the enemies you take out.

Talk to Civilians

You want to avoid the locals whenever you’re in a combat encounter because killing them is a big red flag. However, when the shooting stops and you’re the last person standing, walk up to them and talk to them real quick to learn about what they know. Some of them are going to give you access to additional faction missions, but they may also know about blueprint locations.

Make sure to spend time looking around an area to find a piece of intel or to speak to a local to learn more about the island. You’d be surprised what you find in the area. The more blueprints you have, the more weapons you have to choose from before going out in the field.