Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How To Call Vehicles


When you go to visit a rest point in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you want to make sure all of your gear is accounted for before you embark on a journey. This fact is especially true if you’re going to make sure you’re going to get the furthest distance. Before you embark on a mission, you want to call a car or a helicopter to your specific point before you leave. Here’s how you go about it before you leave your resting zone.

How To Call a Vehicle in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

To call a vehicle to your location, you need to locate a bivouac to your location. There’s no middle ground about it. Without one of these locations near you, you’re not going to be able to summon one of them near you and get around the area. Find one of these to you, and from there, you should be fine. You’re going to do a quick animation, and you’re good to go.

When you finish the animation, you should have five different options available to you: Preparations. Tactics. Craft. Shop. And Garage. The garage is the exact option you want. You’re going to have the choice to pick out what specific vehicle you wish to summon before venturing into the jungle that is Auroa. Pick what you want from the options menu, and it should show up in a short distance away.

Not every resting area is going to have this available to you. You’re going to need to make sure this area has it open, and the option for a garage is acceptable. Given the hostile nature of Auroa, it makes sense of it being complicated to get discrete items and vehicles around.

Should you have any questions about a resting area, make sure to review every option in them, and double-check your answers.