Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How to Craft Weapons and Use Blueprints


Ghost Recon Breakpoint works a bit differently than you expect some games of its caliber. For one thing, you’re not precisely crafting weapons in the game. Yes, you’re receiving blueprints and gathering them up, but you’re not going to be using those blueprints to make weapons. Instead, they’re going to unlock in Maria’s store. Here’s how the weapon system works in the game.

How Crafting Weapons Works in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Traditionally, many players may think they’re going to grab weapon blueprints in the game and then steadily work their way through crafting materials. However, that’s not the case. You’re going to receive weapon and attachment blueprints in the game, but they’re not going to let you use crafting materials to make them.

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Instead, when you get a weapon blueprint, it’s going to unlock weapons in Maria’s store. You can visit the store in Erewhon, or at your resting area. You can open up the store to see what’s for sale at the time. You’re going to gain more options, the more blueprints you locate in the game. These blueprints include weapons and their respective attachments. The attachments are going to grant additional benefits and modify weapon stats.

The more blueprints you find, the higher-quality weapons you can use in the game. You can get even better weapons by improving the Weapon Mk skills found in your Skill Tree. These are important to locate because these are going to determine how high of quality you can purchase from Maria.

It’s a unique approach to the crafting weapons system, but again, players are not directly crafting them alone. They’re going to purchase them from Maria after they gain a new blueprint from the map. Make sure you’re returning to your bivouacs and Erewhon regularly to see what weapons and gear are for sale.