Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How to Fix Drone Not Marking


Your drone not being able to mark in Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a considerable downside in the game. You’re going to use this handy little device to sneak around and mark enemies in your area. The more you utilize this little helper, the more you’re going to know about the immediate area you’re about to invade. However, several players are running into the issue of the drone not successfully marking anything it scans. Here are some methods of how you can go about fixing it.

How To Fix Drone Not Marking in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

You have a few ways to go about it. You’re not going to be surprised by a handful of them, but if you’re experiencing this issue, you want to try with the most obvious choices first.

When you send your drone out and start scanning the enemies or any weapon caches with nothing popping up above them, you know you have an issue. To double-check, hold the drone’s visual over the particular thing for a couple more seconds. If it doesn’t work, you’re bugged. You’ll want to restart the game from there and jump back into where you left off. If you try it again, and it’s still messed up, restart the game and your platform to have do a complete power cycle. Start the game back up and try again.

A handful of players on Reddit pointed out the issue they were having went a bit further than that. They had to do some unique testing to get the drone to work once more. For example, some had to change classes at a bivouac and then use the drone. Changing classes might work, but it won’t be the exact solution.

Changing classes, using different weapons, using a fast-travel point to go do a new location could start things over and assist you. For anyone continuing to experience the issue, reaching out to Ubisoft on their support page. Despite the widespread nature of the problem, it doesn’t look like the development team has spoken about it or have a solid solution.

We hope you enjoy Breakpoint, regardless of any issues. Make sure to check out our review to see what we thought about Ubisoft’s latest title.