Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Error Message Argyll-00141


Players have the opportunity to jump into Ghost Recon Breakpoint right now if they pre-ordered access to the game by getting the Gold or Ultimate edition, or subscribed to Uplay+. Whatever choice you make, you’re going to receive three days early access to the game before it officially releases on Oct. 4. However, some players who are attempting to log in are going to receive an error message called Argyll-00141. Here’s what we know about the problem.

Error Message Argyll-00141 in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Those who are receiving this message are likely playing from their Xbox One consoles because it’s linked to Xbox Live services. There’s a thread about this error that’s over three weeks old, and it turned out the error message had been coming up due to those servers being offline. Those who were speaking about in the thread pointed to the Xbox Live server status and pointed out it was offline.

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If you’re experiencing this issue, chances are the Xbox Live servers are offline to some capacity. You cannot properly connect to the internet, or the Ubisoft servers cannot connect to the Xbox Live servers. You’re going to want to give this error a bit of time because it’s likely that the Xbox Live team is aware of the situation and is handling it. Unfortunately, those who were looking for a direct solution for this error message are going to need to wait for others to fix it.

However, if you were trying to play the game offline, you may have received this message because Breakpoint does require an online connection. This information was confirmed sometime in May, which we wrote about over here. The official Twitter page for Breakpoint spoke to members of the community about it and did say the game was going to require a constant internet connection, unlike Wildlands.

The issue might last a few hours or the full day. It’s up to the Xbox Live team to figure out the solution and get back to you about it. If you’re experiencing other errors, make sure to reach out to the Ubisoft support staff and notify them of the problem.