Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How To Read Gear Levels


For those who are jumping into Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you’re going to find some things that have changed about the game that is going to show up in the initial few missions. The most significant change is the introduction to gear levels. When you’re exploring the world and taking out bad guys on Auroa, you’re going to have the chance to loot some of their stuff. You’re going to see your overall gear level on the upper left portion of your screen in your loadout menu.

How To Read Gear Level in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

A character’s gear level does not directly reflect the total amount of all of the gear slots available to your game. Instead, they’re going to be the average of the overall total. So, one particular item could offset it considerably and increase it, but it may not match the weapon or gear piece’s total level if it’s significantly higher. You’re going to use this gear level to get an idea of how fierce the combatants are in the game.

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For example, the first time you see this mechanic is during the initial mission of the game when you land. One of the final helicopter crashes is going to feature the enemies, Wolves, patrolling it and protecting it. When you first see these Wolves, they’re going to have a level of 150 above their head. This number means you’re going to want to fight them with a gear level of 150.

Overall, though, the best way to increase your gear level is to continually play the game and continue to acquire new gear pieces for each of your slots. Your weapons are essential, but your gear is going to assist you and add modifiers to your character’s stats.

A handful of missions in the game are going to have gear levels associated with them, too. The two big ones are going to have gear levels 150 next to them, meaning you have a ways to go before you’re taking on the main baddies in the game and getting revenge for your fallen squadmates. Feel free to explore Auroa to find what you need, and continually run through missions.