Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How to Get More Skill Points


Skill points determine a handful of passive and innate perks your Ghost agent is going to know in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Every player is naturally going to gain 30 while they play through the game by gaining XP levels. However, 30 does not cover the entire skill tree, leaving a handful open. Those who are eager to fill the whole tree and want to play as optimized as possible are going to want to know how to get additional points. You can do this, and here’s how.

How to Get More Skill Points in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

There are a handful of ways you can go about this.

Rank Up in Classes

A traditional way every character can gain additional skill points is by ranking up with their respective class. When you first start the game, you’re going to choose one of the four classes. You have to do this before progressing any further in the skill tree. When you select your class and then visit the Loadout screen in your menu, you’re going to see you need to complete particular tasks to rank up. Every rank you gain, which is ten forever class, gives you a skill point. For players who want to acquire all of the skill points you can, you want to make sure you reserve at least one for every skill.

Not doing so means you’re going to miss out on a handful.

Looting Skill Points

Later in the game, when you want to raid heavily fortified locations full of powerful enemies, you’re going to see individual gearboxes with a small blue icon above them. They look similar to the ones you’re going to look for weapon and attachment blueprints. They have a different appearance, but they are identical. Looting them grants you a skill point, and this means you’re going to have to go out of your way to attack highly trained units in the game to acquire these points. Early on, if you attack a location and find it harder than the normal ones, you may have stumbled onto one of these locations.

The best thing for you to do is return when you’re stronger. You don’t want to waste your time attempting to bang your head against the wall to try and push past time. Instead, gain a few more skill points, get some better gear, and then return when a better strategy.

Playing the game is the best way to gain skill points. Plain and simple. The more you explore and play the game, the more skill points you’re going to encounter to make your Ghost agent even more powerful.