Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Error Message Mountain-00800


Some players have the opportunity to jump into Ghost Recon Breakpoint right now if they purchased the Uplay+ subscription, or pre-ordered the Gold or Ultimate edition for the game. The three days early access is available right now, and those who can get in right now. However, a handful of players who are trying to get into the game receiving a specific error message that says, “Mountain-00800.”

What is the Mountain-00800 Error Message in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Players receiving this message when they try to log into the Breakpoint game are receiving this message because they do not have access to the three days early access. Ubisoft has released information in their FAQ regarding the issue, and if players continue to see it, they should probably stop attempting to jump into the game. It’s going to continually show up until the game officially releases on Oct. 1.

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However, if you’re receiving this message and you pre-ordered the Gold or Ultimate edition of the game, or you have a subscription to Uplay+, you need to reach out to Ubisoft. They should be able to assist you in getting your account access to the early access and get you in the game. This error might be apart of the issue for those who participated in the Open Beta, or if you recently pre-ordered the game.

Hopefully, the error code goes away should you contact Ubisoft support about the error and your account’s status. You’re likely going to want to show them the email where you confirmed your Gold, Ultimate, or Uplay+ purchase. You should have as much information on you as possible before contacting them to make the transition quick and seamless.

Regardless, the error should go away and no longer be an issue by the end of the week when Breakpoint officially releases for everyone.