Can You Play Ghost Recon Breakpoint Offline?


Ghost Recon Breakpoint is going on right now. The game is live for those who pre-ordered the Gold and Ultimate edition titles. However, if you only grabbed the standard version, you still have to wait until the game officially releases on Oct. 1. When you enter the first social area of the game, you’re going to see a handful of NPCs and some players moving around the game. However, can you play Breakpoint while you’re offline?

Can You Play Ghost Recon Breakpoint Offline?

Many players are wondering if they’re going to have the option to turn off their internet connection to play Breakpoint. Unfortunately, back in May, the official Breakpoint Twitter account confirmed to players they were going to have an active internet connection to play the game.

Here’s the response by the account where they confirm it’s going to work like The Division 2 and Rainbow Six Siege:

This knowledge may disappoint several players who were planning to try out the game. While you don’t have to play with friends and have the option to run around by yourself, you’re going to need the active internet to connect. If you lose connection, the game is likely going boot you back to the main menu, requiring you restart your router or get things taken care of on your end.

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It feels like Ubisoft has been making this shift for quite a bit of time. Players of the previous Ghost Recon game, Wildlands, had the option to go through the game in an offline mode, but this is not coming to the latest game in the franchise. You’re not going to find the option in the menu.

Several players have attempted to petition to Ubisoft to try and get the game to offer an offline connection. Given that the petition popped up around the same time the Breakpoint Twitter account confirmed the information, it’s unlike Ubisoft is going to make this change.

For now, if you want to enjoy the game, you’re going to want to have a stable internet connection, even if you’re planning to play it by yourself and not interact with any of the PvP modes.