Ghost Recon Breakpoint: What Does the Silent-50001 Error Code Mean?


Are you getting the SILENT-50001 error code when you attempt to log into Ghost Recon Breakpoint? You’re not the only one getting this code. At this time, plenty of players are getting this when they attempt to log into the game.

What Does the Silent-50001 Error Code Mean in Ghost Recon Breakpoint?

The SILENT-50001 error code means the servers are having issues processing all of the login attempts with the game. Right now, players from all over the world are attempting to jump into the game at the same time. While Ubisoft has had the game out for the better part of the week, it doesn’t mean the servers were ready to handle this many requests. If you see this error code, chances are you’re among the large majority of players attempting to log in, and your request to get in on the servers is getting blocked.

At this time, there’s no clear solution to this issue. The issue is on Ubisoft’s side, so there’s little to nothing you can do about fixing it. The best thing all players can do is reach out to Ubisoft’s support team and let them know about the issue. Chances are you’re not going to be the only person hitting them up about the problem, but it’s a good thing for them to know, and they’re going to want details about it. Unfortunately, it’s a waiting game at this point, and players are going to need to remain patient while the Ubisoft team attempts to get everything together.

The servers are likely going to be down for part of the morning while the Ubisoft team attempts to get their issues taken care of. You should make sure to follow their official Breakpoint Twitter page to hear more about when the issues are going to get resolved and if they have any updates for their player base.

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