Does Ghost Recon Breakpoint Have Splitscreen?


Playing video games with your friends is what the experience is all about, and this rings true in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The enemies in this game are not going to take it easy on the players. If you want some of the best loot, you have to engage them, and they have an army. You’re not going to find an easy pickup game here, so you need to play things out. If you want to take on the biggest challenges, you’re going to need to do it with friends.

Does Ghost Recon Breakpoint have Splitscreen?

The game does have online play. You can jump into a game, invite your friends, and run around Auroa shooting all of the enemies, or set traps for them to pick up their loot when they fall. The game encourages you to play with your friends online and to jump with them into a game.

Unfortunately, if your friends want to jump into the game with you, they’re going to need to purchase a copy for themselves. You cannot play the game on a local co-op or have a split-screen feature going for a single game. For those hoping to play it side by side with a friend, you may want to create a Discord channel together, or find out which console the pair of you want to play it on because it’s available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Uplay store.

Given how much information and what’s going on with the screen, it makes sense. Players are going to need to concentrate and focus on the game heavily while they run through the title. There’s not going to be too much room for a second player to experience the game from the same platform. However, the multiplayer aspect of the game is seamless. You can create a four-player group with your friends and experience the entire game together from start to finish. Groups are encouraged due to Breakpoint having the first raid available near the end of the game for players itching for some cooperative action.

Not too many modern shooting games feature split-screen or local co-op anymore.