Ghost Recon Breakpoint: How to Use The Sync Shot Drone


Getting things done in Ghost Recon Breakpoint can feel like time-consuming work. Not only are you on the lookout for new gear to make your character better, but you need to utilize new skills and talents to make yourself better for fieldwork and taking on a massive army. An ability you’re going to want to have at your disposal is the Sync Shot Drone. It’s a consumable item that’s going to let you kill up to three enemies at the same time with your drone, while you’re safely somewhere else.

How to Use The Sync Shot Drone in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Before you can think about using the Sync Shot Drone ability, you need to unlock it. To do so, you need to go down the Basics skill tree, and then go up to the Stealth options. When you reach the Stealth skill tree, you can pick out the Sync Shot Drone. When you get it, you’ll have access to it, but you also need to make sure you get items for it. Every time you use the ability, you need to refresh it with items, which you can loot off enemies.

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Next, you need to equip the item to use the ability properly. You can do so by switching out the Sync Shot Drone canister on the upper portion of your inventory quick access menu. Click on any of the three up slots, and you’re going to see the Sync Shot Drone canister available for you. Hold it, and then equip the item.

You’re now ready to surprise your enemies with the ability. When you find them, have the item equipped and click “G,” or the respective button icon for your console, when you have them marked by your weapon. You need to make sure you’re aiming down sights at them when you click the button. You should see a number above their head. You can do this three times. When you’re ready, hold “G,” or your respective button for your console, and they should get killed by your drone.

You can do this with every member of your party, meaning you can take out up to 12 different enemies at the same time. It’s quite useful if you want to clear an area before engaging whatever foes are left. Unlike Wildlands, you do need to replenish this skill by picking items dropped by enemies or make more at a resting area.