Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Weapon Stats and What They Mean


Understanding weapon statistics is vital in any game. You need to know how to modify your weapon and figure out what gun you like to use for your character. This answer is going to vary based on a player’s playstyle and the type of class they’re playing. For Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you’re going to want to review the more in-depth stats before committing to a weapon type. Not every weapon is going to work for all four classes in the game because some of them specialize in particular ones more than the others.

Weapons Stats and What They Mean in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

You have five weapons statistics you need to become familiar with when playing the game. They are Accuracy, Handling, Range, Mobility, and Recoil. You can read all of these by opening up the Gunsmith tab by highlighting this weapon in your inventory screen and then holding down “T.”


The higher accuracy you have, the more likely the weapon is going to hit exactly where it says it’s going to hit. For example, sniper rifles are going to have some of the best accuracies of the game because they are precise weapons. They can also shoot at extremely long distances, but another statistic exclusively determines that.


After you’ve fired a shot, how much is your weapon going to sway from its original target? Handling doesn’t determine this, but it helps it remain on point. A majority of weapons are going to have decent to mediocre handling. However, the powerful sniper rifles and LMGs are going to have some of the worst. Snipers have bad handling because they’re usually one shot and then you have to readjust, making it challenging to remain on the single target. When it comes to LMGs, they fire so many shots at once; it’s difficult for your character to hold the weapon in place.


How far can your weapon fire its bullet without it become compromise? Typically, weapons with incredible accuracy are going to have a decent range, too. Weapons like shotguns, LMGs, and SMGs are going to have terrible range because they’re designed to get handled at closer proximity. If you want to keep your range from your opponents, make sure your weapon has a decent range to assist with it.


How difficult is the weapon going to be to carry and make your character’s life harder to move around? The lower mobility score your weapon has on its stats, the heftier it is to carry around. You’re going to notice it because your character is going to move around with it, running back and forth. If you want your character to remain fast and agile, you’ll want a higher mobility weapon.


Much like handling, after you’ve fired a shot, the weapon is going to move around, and it’s going to sway from its original target. The more recoil your weapon has, the harder it is to remain on target while you continue firing. The handling makes it a bit better to stay on point, but the recoil is eventually going to force you to stay on target.

Keep these statistics in mind when you’re viewing the guns in the game. Not all of them are going to function perfectly for every class of character. You also want to make sure the weapon with a higher gear level is going to truly benefit you, besides raising your gear level in general.