Gaming Gift Guide: The best gaming stocking stuffers and small gifts under $25

Ten must-have stocking stuffers for gamers.

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With the holidays fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about stocking stuffer gifts for your loved ones. If they happen to be gamers, then this guide is sure to spark your attention. This list includes gaming-related stocking stuffers that are cute, funny, inexpensive, and the perfect last-minute gifts for the holiday procrastinators out there. All of the following gifts won’t break the bank either, being below $25 each.

Blue light blocking glasses

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Blue light blocking glasses are a thoughtful gift, with the purpose of protecting your eyes from the excess of blue light exposure caused by staring at screens for hours on end. They’re designed to alleviate the common symptoms, including sore or dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches. Show your love by popping a pair of these in your loved ones stocking.

Headphone hanger

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The perfect gift for hanging up your gaming headset, headphones, cables, and various other electronics and gadgets. The hanger securely fits any surface and is the ideal addition to any gamer station.

Mobile gaming finger gloves

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A must-try for Mobile gamers — the aim here is to provide comfort, anti-drop and anti-slip support, and improve the mobile gaming overall experience. In particular, these finger gloves assist with heightening the precision in-game, especially for FPS games like PUBG mobile. They’re also sure to keep your fingertips nice and warm during the cold holiday season.

Millennium Falcon bottle opener keychain

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It’s typically a safe bet to assume that if you’re shopping for stocking stuffers for a gamer, then Star Wars accessories are fair game. Here’s a Millennium Falcon keychain that functions as a bottle opener; You can’t go wrong with this stocking stuffer.

Minecraft Steve action figure

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From the classic video game Minecraft, comes one of the main starting characters, Steve. This toy action figure set includes Core Steve, an Iron Pick Axe, and a Coal Ore Block. This little guy will slip in nicely inside of any stocking.

Nintendo socks

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Socks are a classic stocking stuffer that is happily welcomed, and they’re even better Nintendo themed. These are the perfect choice for last-minute holiday shoppers and a sure way to put a smile on any gamer’s face.

Nintendo Switch game storage case

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This game storage case is a compact, organized, and provides a cool solution for Nintendo Switch players who desire to keep all of their game cartridges in one, bite-sized location. This case provides storage for up to 24 games, and small enough to fit in a pocket — just be sure not to misplace it anywhere.

Pokémon stickers

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Show off your Pokémon pride with this set of 100 Pokémon stickers. Each sticker’s size ranges from 2 to 5 inches, and are great for sticking onto water bottles, laptops, phones, luggage, gaming consoles, controllers, and anything else you can think of.

PlayStation drink coasters

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The perfect accessory gift for PlayStation fans, this set of drink coasters is the ideal solution to protect your tables, desk, bar, and any other surfaces from unwanted spills — especially if your brand new PlayStation 5 is sitting nearby.

Super Mario themed Uno

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The classic matching card game of Uno, Super Mario Bros themed — perfect for the stocking, and also very inexpensive. Whipping out a pack of these on game night with fellow gamer friends is a recipe for a good time.

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