Risk of Rain 2 – Blackout Challenge Guide | Defeat the guardian of Gilded Coast without any beacons deactivating


The Scorched Acres update for Risk of Rain 2 earlier today came with its fair share of things to do in-game.

One of these things included a brand new challenge, known as Blackout, asks players to complete the quest “Defeat the guardian of Gilded Coast without any beacons deactivating.” After players complete it, they have to head towards one of the game’s secret bosses in hopes of a quick kill.

The Gilded Coast, for any newbies to the game here, is the area you can get to by paying a ridiculous amount of gold to the gold statue that sometimes shows up in a level before you activate the teleporter. After you find the teleporter after having used the gold altar, activate it, and defeat the boss, a gold portal spawns next to it.

Jumping through the said portal takes you to the gilded area where several high-level enemies are waiting for you. You have to locate seven beacons in the area, when activated, spawn the Aurelionite, the level’s boss.

Make sure whatever character you are using has enough attack power, speed, and shredding items to quickly defeat the boss because once you activate the last beacon, you can finally damage the boss for a limited time only. You need to beat the boss before the beacons stop working to unlock this challenge.

It sounds easy, but it isn’t, and considering how rare it is to find this portal in the first place, you can expect to grind for this reward for a long time.