Gods Impact codes (January 2022)

Pick up free rewards, Diamonds, and more.


Image via Banana Game Ltd

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Gods Impact is a mobile idle card game that allows players to pull together a team of well known gods and fight other teams of similar gods. The gods fight in the campaign, earning you resources to spend on new, better cards, but you can speed this process up with some free resources. This article covers all the Gods Impact codes you’ll need to get a boost in the game and build the best godly team you’ve ever seen.

How to redeem codes in Gods Impact

  • Launch Gods Impact
  • Tap on your avatar at the top of the screen
  • Tap the Settings option in the menu
  • Type in the code you wish to redeem in the Gift Code Redemption area
  • Tap the Exchange button to redeem the reward

Working Gods Impact codes

  • qq8399 
  • xz8861 
  • xz8897 
  • xz8891 
  • xz8857 
  • XFJ7771 
  • XFJ7772 
  • XFJ7773 
  • DSFM122: 20,000 Gold, 30 Diamonds, and 10,000 Hero XP
  • DSFM123: 80,000 Gold, 60 Diamonds, and 50 Advance Stones
  • DSFM111: 50,000 Gold and 20,000 Hero XP
  • GI7777: 50,000 Gold
  • DEZM666: 50,000 Gold, 50 Diamonds, 20 Run Essence
  • MLGQ8888: 64 Diamonds, 200,000 Gold, 2 Advanced Summons, 100,000 Hero XP, and 64 Rune Essence
  • DSZM666: 1 Tomb Raid Token