Untitled Goose Game – How to make the Groundskeeper wear his Sun Hat


One of the hardest first tasks players struggle to do in Untitled Goose Game is getting the Groundskeeper to take off his hat and put the Sun Hat on.

There is a multitude of options to go about doing this. The easiest and less time consuming one has been staring players in the face since the beginning.

First, go to the Garden and head over to the area with the singular Tulip. Pluck it up by using your beak.

Then, make sure the Groundskeeper look at you. Drop the Tulip and make sure he picks it up, and return to where you took it out.

The man will kneel to replant it, and as he does this, you’ll be able to grab his hat for a split second. If you fail to get the hat the first time, repeat the whole Tulip process.

Once you have the hat, run. Run to the river and drop the hat on the other side near where you initially started the game. The man can’t go that far out of his level so he won’t be able to collect it. He then walks back to his shed and puts his Sun Hat on.