Gravity Sorceries in Elden Ring — what they are and where to find them

Rock the Lands Between with gravity

Image via Fromsoft

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Sorceries, Elden Ring has a ton of them and this guide on Gravity Sorceries will help pull that all down to earth. Hurling rocks and meteorites are skills worth keeping in any worthwhile spell caster’s repertoire. Chances are that most will stumble across at leastt one Gravity Sorcery while venturing across the lands between.

None of the merchants throughout Elden Ring sell Gravity Sorceries, instead, gravity sorceries will be found tucked away in place across the map in some places that players will come across on their own and others that are slightly more out of the way. The Gravity Sorceries, aside from shooting projectiles, also allows the caster to close some distance between them and their foes. Gravity Sorceries all scale off of intelligence and can be boosted with the Meteorite Staff.

Collapsing Stars: A devastating sorcery that both deals damage and closes the distance between you and your target. Collapsing Stars sends out a grouping of gravity orbs that both damage and pull their target towards the caster. The Collapsing Stars Sorcery can be found in a chest after the mobs fighting each other at the bottom of the War-Dead Catacombs located to the west of the Dragonbarrow Minor Erdtree, and requires 36 Intelligence to cast.

Gravity Well: Pulls and damages enemies with a fast-moving gravity projectile. The Gravity Well Sorcery requires 17 intelligence and is dropped by the Monolith Guardian who spawns out of a gravity portal in the Raya Lucaria Academy Graveyard.

Meteorite: Rain down three massive meteors. This spell requires 30 Intelligence to cast and is dropped by the Onyx Lord at the Royal Grave Evergaol after being defeated.

Meteorite of Astel: Requires 55 intelligence and is one of the most powerful sorceries in Elden Ring. Meteorite of Astel hails down a storm of meteors devastating anything in its wake. The Meteorite of Astel Sorcery is dropped by the Astel Star of Darkness boss in the Yelough Anix Tunnel.

Rock Sling: The most basic and low-level spell out of all the Gravity Sorceries, it requires only 16 Intelligence. The Rock Sling Sorcery pulls up three rocks from the earth that are then shot towards their target. Rock Sling is located in the underground cellar across the poison swamp outside of the Street of Sages, but is also easily accessible in the early game via the trap teleporter chest in the cellar of the Dragon Burnt Ruins.