GreedFall – How To Fast Travel


GreedFall is an RPG game you could classify as a semi-open world. The game consists of multiple areas of various sizes, from cities and settlements to more rural spots. Running from loading screen to loading screen is a bit of a pain. Thankfully, the game has a fast travel system.

GreedFall – How To Fast Travel

GreedFall Camp

You can fast travel in GreedFall between fast travel points. You need to be at a fast travel point to start the process. You cannot fast travel from any location.

You can find fast travel points at your residences in the various cities. The Travel points are around the map, intersections between all the maps, and you can discover coaches areas at multiple locations. You can also set up camps, and these can all be used to fast travel as well. There’s good overall coverage of the game’s various areas. The more you explore, the more fast travel points you will discover.

When you want to fast travel, head for a fast travel point on the map and interact with it. It will typically appear in-game as a globe in the cities, a campfire at your camp, or a standing stone in the native villages.

Fast Travel Options

When you interact with it, the map opens, showing you all the significant locations you go to through the fast travel system. By hovering over the site, you can see any of your active quests in the area. Clicking on the location brings up a list of available fast travel points, and the fast travel point closest to your current active mission gets highlighted.

This mechanic is fundamental. You should always make sure to have the mission you are currently traveling for set as your tracked mission in your journal. It makes going to the right place so much easier.