Greedfall: How to Find Every Side Quest


GreedFall has plenty of side quests that you can complete while working on the primary story campaign. Side quests help you learn more about the world of the game, gain favor with various characters and factions, and earn valuable experience to help level up. In this guide, we show you where to find the game’s many side quests.

Remember, your companions also have side quests that they want you to do. Make sure you speak to them all regularly to stay updated on what they need and to help them complete their quest chains.

Greedfall: How to Find Every Side Quest


The Charlatan – Gotten from the Ambassador in the Bridge Alliance Embassy

Coin Guard Merchandise – Gotten from Kurt, one of your companions.

Save Constantin – leads on from the very first thing you must do in the game. You can find him in a hideout in the south of the city.

Disappearing Among The Nauts – Speak to Vasco, the captain of the ship you will be traveling on.

Heretic Hunt – Gotten from the Cardinal in the Theleme Embassy

New Serene

An Aspiring Merchant – picked up from a native merchant near the New Serene blacksmith.

Champion of the Arena – speak to the owner of the arena, you will find him while complete the Aspiring Merchant side quest.

The Man With The Silver Coin – gotten from the Coin Guard after you finish the Coin Guard Merchandise side quest from Serene.

Exploration and Cartography – speak to De Courcillion in New Serene.

In Professor Serafeddins Footsteps – once again, gotten from De Courcillion in New Serene.


Attack on Caravans – you can pick up this quest while playing through the Peculiar Alliance quest when speaking to Burhan.

San Matheus

Inquisition – You can get this side quest from a scroll left outside your residence in San Matheus.

This guide is under construction and will get updated over the coming days.