Will Greedfall Have a Multiplayer Option?


An unexpected title coming out in less than a week is Greedfall. The game takes place in a fantasy world where settlers have found their way to a brand new island, full of monsters, magic, and plenty of mysteries. The action-adventure RPG is going to focus on a choice-based story, allowing players to determine the outcome and relationship of characters based on their choices. While players are going to remain focused on going through the twisting story, learning about the world around them, some are curious if there’s going to a multiplayer option the game.

Does Greedfall have Multiplayer?

At the game’s launch, there is currently no multiplayer options planned for the game. At this time, it’s mainly going to focus on players going through the riveting story of a world filled with factions, characters, and decisive choices that the main character, the Diplomat, is going to need to make. Along the way, the Diplomat is going to have the opportunity to bring three other companion characters with them during their adventure.

In Greedfall, settlers have already arrived and established themselves on an exotic island. While the colonists are guests at the location, they happily stomp around as if they own the place and are superior to those already living there. It’s a direct reflection of what happened during the 17th century when settlers arrived over from western Europe to North America. There’s likely going to be a deep social commentary about what the Diplomat is going need to do to appease those they meet and having to choose a particular side when conflict arises.

Beyond the three companion characters to join the main protagonist, the developers, Spiders, do not plan to have multiple players in the same session. Greedfall feels like a throwback to a time where BioWare’s heyday for Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Back then, BioWare was a story-based developer who focused on an engaging, critical story with choices that came with graphic and painful ramifications. Even though there’s no multiplayer, fans can expect to engage with the numerous NPCs they encounter, along with doing battle with the many magical and fantastic creatures roaming the island.

You still have time to pre-order Greedfall. The game releases on Sept. 10, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.