Does GreedFall Have New Game Plus?


If you’re enjoying GreedFall and are looking forward to trying out the game’s multiple endings, you’re going to want to take your character forward in another iteration of the game. However, you’re going to find out that GreedFall doesn’t offer this service with their game.

Unfortunately, the developers, Spiders, do have a New Game Plus setup with their fantasy title. Players are not going to have the chance to start over from the beginning with their high-level character to take on the challenges again in a new story, trying new options, and even new builds. Players are going to have to start from scratch.

While there’s no New Game Plus, GreedFall does offer multiple endings. You can begin the game in a new save slot and start down the path with a brand new character. You can try out new skills, talents, and give them new abilities to make a two-handed swordsman, or keep them at range using traps and potions, protecting your party from afar.

The lack of New Game Plus content was confirmed in a Reddit AMA with the developers at Spiders. They reached out to players and informed them there’s not only going to be no New Game Plus, but there are no set plans for additional story-based DLC options. The only thing they have planned right now are patches to ensure the game improves instability and performance if users encounter any problems on the PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4.

Regardless, the Gamepur writer heading the title, Aidan, had a great time with the title. He found it a fun, engaging RPG with plenty to explore. However, there was nothing groundbreaking or new with the game that you haven’t seen already. You can read his review here.

You can still pick up GreedFall for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, right now.