GRID 2019 Multiplayer Guide

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Since 2014 it seemed that if the GRID series, formally TOCA, had been put out to pasture. The ninth entry GRID Autosport wasn’t a bad game and had been received somewhat favorably amongst gaming websites and publications but, maybe because of overexposure, it just didn’t seem to resonate with the general public as much as previous installments had and, for all intents and purposes, it looked like Codemasters had decided to cut their losses and move onto other things.

That was until May 21st this year when it was announced that the franchise would be getting a reboot with GRID 2019. Released on October 11th, the new game is very heavily focused on career mode, but for those of you that fancy a blast around the track with a few friends or against people online, then there is that option also.

So what do you get in multiplayer mode? Let this handy guide show you the way.

GRID 2019 Multiplayer Guide

Quick Match

First up is Quick Match, which does what it says on the tin. By choosing this mode, you’ll be dropped into a lobby with other players, and the game will decide what kind of race you’ll be heading into from an ever-changing list.

Once the lobby is full it’s time to choose your vehicle and, in all honesty, it’s best to have played through career mode before entering this or any other multiplayer game you like the look of, as by doing so means that you can use your car, which you’ll have no doubt souped-up to the max, as long as you own one. If you don’t have what’s needed, there is the option of a loaner for the race, but this will take a cut of any winning you make as payment for the use of it. So it might just be worth putting in the hours to complete the main game.

Private Match

Private Match is the place to go if you want to test your skills or if you fancy spending hours embarrassing your friends. If you’re the Lobby Host, you get to choose what race you’ll all be playing around in, and you can customize the hell out of it.

You can then invite all your mates to come and join you, or if you fancy a real challenge instead of running rings around Kevin from Accounting for the 19th time, you can take on other players from around the world to see just how good you are.

Want to add a qualifying lap? Feel free. Fancy making damage terminal? Then be Codemasters guests. All in all, if you can think it, then Private Match will let you do it.


This mode is the closest thing you’re going to get to a new version of Destruction Derby and is probably the most fun of the three available. Skirmish is the default game you get when you head into the multiplayer lobby, and it’s such a simple idea that I’m surprised more racing game developers haven’t thought of it.

Once you enter a lobby, you’re instantly dropped into Skirmish mode. Here you’ll find yourself in Jupiter Eagleray Mk5 on a figure of eight circuits and the aim of the exercise is that there are no laps, no route, and no damn rules. Just head off into the distance and cause as much destruction as you can.