Guild Wars 2 Wintersday 2021 – how to begin, events, and rewards

O Wintersday, O Wintersday. How lovely are thy events!

Image via ArenaNet

The Guild Wars 2 holiday event Wintersday is full of cheer, gifts, snowballs. The annual event runs from December 14 through January 4 and like the Halloween-themed festival, has several things for you to experience. Here’s how to join in on the festivities and collect all your Wintersday Gifts.

Where to begin

You’ll want to head to Divinity’s Reach as it is the hub for all Wintersday activities. If you don’t have a simple or quick way to get there, check your mailbox and find the letter from Tixx. The letter contains an invitation to join Wintersday and it will instantly teleport you to Divinity’s Reach. You’ll notice a second letter in your inbox as well from Orphan Laine. Laine wishes for you to attend a scavenger hunt but it’s only for players who have reached level 80.

Collecting Wintersday Gifts

One of the many events you can take part in for Wintersday involves finding Mysterious Presents. They can be found all throughout Central Tyria and drop off hostile skritt. Defeat each skritt to collect the presents and rewards they hide inside.

Wintersday Events

You will find seven total events once you reach the Crown Pavilion in Divinity’s Reach. If you can see Toymaker Tixx’s flying airship, you’ve reached the right spot. Events are marked with a peppermint candy icon on your map.

The Crown Pavilion

Ho-Ho-Tron is taking donations for those in need and requires gold to perform a gift delivery. Once they have collected enough, the golem and gift-giving dolyak begin their route to a portal. Protect them from skritt to complete the event.


Similar to the Shadow of the Mad King event, Wintersday also includes mount races. You can either use your own mount or rent one to race through courses in the city.

Helping Orphans

The holidays are all about giving back and helping those who need it. You can deliver gifts to orphans in Divinity’s Reach every day throughout the event to earn rewards.

The Wondrous Workshop

There are two events inside the Infinirarium. The first involves defeating skritt and toys that have come to life. The second is a defense minigame where you face off against other players.

Secret Lair of the Snowmen

Secret Lair of the Snowmen is a Strike Mission that you can join as a public group or a preformed squad. You’ll encounter the snowman Jolly Donny and evil creatures such as Ice Spikers and Ice Crushers as you navigate the dungeon. Your main weapons are snowballs.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is a jumping puzzle where you must hop across melting snowflakes, exploding presents, and dodge snowballs to reach the end.

Bell Choir

One of the few non-combat-focused events where you match skills according to colored spheres. It’s timed to musical beats all themed around six Guild Wars 2 songs.

Snowball Mayhem

A full-on snowball war PvP minigame. You’ll face other Guild Wars 2 players in a large-scale battle where you must capture Wintersday Gifts and return them to your team’s base. The first to 500 points wins.

Wintersday Rewards

Completing Wintersday events will reward you with numerous different items and currencies. You can find snowflake currency, Snow Diamonds, and collect karma. Other items include armor skins and armors, food, guildhall decorations, infusions, cosmetic auras, and recipes.