How to join the Shadow of the Mad King Halloween event in Guild Wars 2

The Mad King’s Labyrinth awaits.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The annual Shadow of the Mad King Guild Wars 2 Halloween event is live and full of tricks and treats. You’ll find all sorts of fun events to take part in, from a jumping puzzle to a new dungeon. Players will have a little over one month to run around in the spooky realm of the Mad King but finding it can be difficult for new players. Here’s how you can join in on all of the fun.

When you log into the game, open your mail and check for a letter that says Urgent: Do Not Read Out Loud. Click show me and accept the invitation in the letter, then go to your inventory. You should see the item an Invitation to the Mad Realm. Either double-click on it or right-click it and select open to activate the letter. Either option will instantly teleport you to the Mad King’s Realm.

Another way to get to the location is by traveling to Lion’s Arch or any major city. Asura gate portals can send you directly to the plane. However, you must be at least level 35 or own the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire expansion to do so this way.

You can also access the realm by visiting the Village of Shaemoor in Queensdale, the Village of Smokestead in the Plains of Ashford, Snowlord’s Gate in the Wayfarer Foothills, the Village of Astorea in Caledon Forest, and Soren Draa in Metrica Province. Each of these can be accessed outside the starting city’s main gate. Bring up your map, head to the candy corn icon, and speak to a Lunatic Boatmaster outside a haunted door, and you’ll shortly arrive in the land of trick-or-treat. Haunted doors will also appear in Kessex Hills and Gendarran Fields.

Players must be at least level two to join the fun. The Shadow of the Mad King event runs through November 9.