How to dash block in Guilty Gear Strive

This isn’t Injustice, you can dash block projectiles.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Are you ever frustrated by those who spam projectiles? You see waves upon waves of blasts heading towards your character, and you have no idea what to do. A dash block is a solution to your conundrum. It’s a useful tool in Guilty Gear Strive that turns the tables on those who are just pressing buttons. Here’s how to implement it.

How to stop the spammers

Screenshot by Gamepur

If there is a content slew of projectiles heading your way, you can counter it. During the brief few moments before the new blast comes your way, dash quickly by double-pressing the right or left D-Pad (or your arcade stick). Then, as the projectile is about to contact, input a crouching block. There should be a spark of energy around your character. Once you get the confirmation of a block, repeat the movement and when you’re close enough, get in a quick attack with the triangle or cross button (S or K).

Another tip

Jumping isn’t always the answer. There is an impulse to leap over a projectile, but that leaves you open for an anti-air attack from the foe, depending on how close they are. It’s best to stay grounded, dash block, and find an opening within their spam-heavy strategy. Be aware of your opponent’s abilities and react accordingly.