Halo Infinite Grunt Birthday Party Skull location – Repository level

Add glorious celebration to your headshots.

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Collecting every Skull in Halo Infinite’s campaign is vital for progression, and each Skull triggers a specific effect that changes the remaining course of the game. One of these Skulls is Grunt Birthday Party Skull, and here is how to acquire it in the game.

Halo Infinite Grunt Birthday Party Skull location

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Players will be able to obtain Grunt Birthday Party Skull while completing the Repository mission. Once you embark on the mission, follow the below-mentioned steps to reach the Skull’s location:

  • Upon reaching the mission area, a cutscene will appear. Once the cutscene ends, you need to unlock a door using a Power Seed and Crucible in the mission area. 
  • After the cutscene ends, defeat the Banished and Covenant that you encounter.
  •  You can find the Power Seed on the right side of the mission area. Grapple to the platform on the right side, then keep walking straight until you come across Power Seed.
  • Cross the bridge and go to the opposite side of the Power Seed room. Here, you’ll find the Crucible required to deposit the Power Seed.
  • Progress with the mission normally until you reach a large room with golden walls. There are several Sentinels, Banished, and Covenants in this room, so make sure to eliminate them. 
  • Once the room is clear, grapple to the window above, and inside, you’ll find the Grunt Birthday Party Skull. However, there are four Covenant Blademasters inside the room, which you need to defeat to get the Skull.
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Acquiring Grunt Birthday Party Skull will grant you a new celebration effect. Each time you kill a Grunt with a headshot, confetti and cheers will appear on the screen.