Halo Infinite: Make a Little Noise Achievement guide

Try out all the weapons.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Halo Infinite is packed with Achievements for you to unlock, many of which are tied to the game’s multiplayer mode. However, there are some that you can unlock without needing to so much as glance at another player. This guide will explain how to unlock the Make a Little Noise Achievement through the game’s tutorial.

Grab every gun

Screenshot by Gamepur

To complete the Make a Little Noise Achievement, you need to play the basic tutorial in Halo Infinite. This is also available in the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta, meaning anyone can complete the Achievement for free. The tutorial takes you through the basics of movement and combat in Halo Infinite. You need to progress through to the shooting range and take out all of the targets.

Once you’ve killed all the targets and have been instructed to move on, turn around and go back into the armory where you first picked a weapon up. This room houses all sorts of weapons, and you can pick them all up and try them out. Pick each of them up in turn and fire off a few rounds. In the top left-hand corner of the room is the sniper rifle, the weapon you need to pick up to complete this Achievement. It should complete as soon as you pick up the weapon.

Once the Achievement is complete, follow the rest of the tutorial to participate in a live firefight against bots before completing it. After that, you’re ready for combat against other Spartans online.