Halo Infinite Mythic Skull location – The Command Spire level

It’s not hard to find.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Players venturing into Halo Infinite’s campaign will have a lot unravel. Apart from game missions, there are Skulls available, which players can collect to trigger an additional effect. One of these Skulls is Mythic Skull, and here is how to acquire it in the game.

Halo Infinite Mythic Skull location

Screenshot by Gamepur

Players will be able to obtain the Mythic Skull in the Command Spire level. However, its exact location is not easy to spot, especially if you are unaware of it. Hence, follow the below-mentioned steps to reach Mythic Skull’s location:

  • Make your way to the Transport Hub. Eliminate the enemies you encounter in your way.
  • In the Transport Hub chamber, where the large rods are constantly moving, grapple the support column and then one of the moving rods. 
  • Once on top of a moving rod, grapple the only platform on the ceiling.
  • After you reach the platform, keep walking straight, and you’ll reach a room with a blue door. The Mythic Blue skill is inside the chamber.
Screenshot by Gamepur

As mentioned before, every Skull in the game triggers some effect. Once you pick the Mythic Skull, enemies will have a more significant health pool than before; hence, be ready for a bigger challenge.