Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – How To Brew A Healing Potion And Use Master Notes


One thing that sets Harry Potter: Wizards Unite apart from Pokemon GO is the magical battles. You will be fighting a lot of magical creatures, and evil enemies, in this game. As such, a healing potion will often save your bacon. In this guide, we show you how to brew them to make sure you can stay in the fight.

How To Brew A Healing Potion

To be able to brew potions at all, you need to reach Level 4. You want to try to reach this level as quickly as you can so that you can get down to the fine art of potion making. Once you have hit Level 4, you can make potions, but you cannot make a healing potion until you hit Level 6. Once you do hit the right level, select the suitcase icon on the main screen, then navigate Potions. Select an available brewing slot, then choose the potion that you wish to make, in this case, a health potion.

Now, to be able to brew up a potion, you also need ingredients. Simple exploring the world can find these ingredients. For a healing potion you will need the below ingredients:

  • Dragon Liver x1
  • Wormwood x1
  • Bubotuber Pus x1
  • Dittany x1

A healing potion will take 3 hours to brew, and will restore 35% of your maximum Stamina in Oddity Traces and Wizarding Challenges. Now, you can also reduce the brewing time by making the following on-screen Master Notes commands on the cauldron; Pinch Out, Clockwise Turn, Tap (multiple times), and Pinch-In. To enter these commands, tap the spoon handle on the right side of the cauldron. The screen will zoom in, and you will see blank squares at the top. As you successfully perform each action on the empty square, it should fill in. When you get them all to work, the brewing time will be reduced by 15%.

As an aside, once you have successfully used the Master Notes gestures on the same potion three times, they will no longer be hidden, and you can quickly trace over them to enter them in. This means you won’t have to try and keep all the different Master Notes gestures in mind all the time.

To do a Pinch Out, place two fingers in the center of the square, then move one up and one down, away from the center line. The Clockwise Turn is a simple clockwise circle, the Taps are just tapping a few times, and the Pinch In is place two fingers far apart, then drawing them close together in a horizontal line.

And that’s it; now you know how to brew a healing potion in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.