Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – How To Save Your Battery While Playing


Like a lot of other new mobile games, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite can be a bit of a drain on your battery. When you add in the lack of Adventure Sync, and the need to have the open as much as possible if you are working on your Portkey Portmanteaus, it can zap your battery life pretty quickly. In this article, we will run through a couple of things you can do to improve your battery life while playing.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – How to Save Your Battery While Playing

Turn on Battery Saver

The app does have a Battery Saver option that you can use. To turn it on, follow the below steps;

  • Launch the app.
  • Click on the suitcase icon on the main screen.
  • Click on the gears icon in the top left-hand corner; this is the Settings menu.
  • Scroll down the to the Battery Saver option and tap it to turn it on.

Turn off AR Mode

AR Mode is a real drain on your battery, but you can turn it off. We have a full guide on how to do that that you should find helpful. I’ll break down the step for you below;

  • Launch the app.
  • Tap on the Suitcase icon on the main screen.
  • Tap the small gears icon in the top left. This is your Settings menu.
  • Scroll to the camera section.
  • Tap on “AR+” to disable all the AR features.

That’s it; AR Mode will be completely disabled. You can also choose to disable AR Mode in combat from this menu as well. I like to have it off for combat, but on for exploration, but whichever option you choose will cut down on battery drain and loading times.

Mute Your Phone

As simple as it sounds, all that music, sound effects, and dialogue take power to play through the speaker. You can mute your phone while you are playing to save some battery life.

Close Background Apps

If you are the kind of person who leaves apps open in the background, it can be a good idea to close them. Every open app drains a little bit of your battery. How to do this will vary depending on your device, but it’s usually just a matter of clicking the right button on the Home screen, then closing down whatever apps are not necessary.

Get A Battery Pack

Battery packs have improved a lot over the years, and can now be pretty small, often no more significant than your phone itself. If you want to spend a day exploring the magic of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, it can be a good idea to pick up a battery pack to make sure you don’t run out of charge in the middle of a Wizarding Challenge.